‘The hours of folly can be measured by the clock but of wisdom no time can measure’ (William Blake)

As a leader, you spend much of y our time investing in others.  How much time does that give you to invest in yourself?  You might reply, ‘But I’m not really a leader. Yes –  a number of people depend on me.  I manage a team, (run a business, work for an organisation, teach, raise a family….) but that’s not really leadership…….’  

If this is your view, be prepared to change. The WiseTime process, will reveal that we are all leaders, constantly leading, either well or poorly in our work and personal lives.

A way of living.

Leadership comes from within.  It is not an add on or a performance. It is a way of living; it is the person you are.  WiseTime will assist you develop yourself as a person who leads.

A true leader liberates first him/herself, and then others.

Most of us act, at times, out of our unconscious drives.  We have irrational outbursts, inexplicable resentments, prejudices that often only manifest in conflict or impasses in our relationships.  The WiseTime process helps us to think clearly about these drives, so that we are not governed by them.  Furthermore, we are able to recognise where there are blockages in others.  Equipped with this insight, we are protected from being drawn into the fray, compounding problems with our reactions, and suffering the wear and tear of conflict and negative fallout. The ability to think clearly for ourselves and others is liberating leadership.

 Self-awareness -the bedrock of good leadership

An industry has grown up around the training of leaders, and excellent seminars, books and webinars are available, presented by experts in the field. You may well be an expert in your field already.  However, all the best techniques and strategies can be sabotaged by lack of self-awareness, which is the bedrock of good leadership.  It is born of experience and reflection on experience which is a hard-earned and slow process that develops discernment and steers towards wisdom.

Support on the journey 

A great deal is expected of leaders, and too often the strain saps enjoyment of the challenge.  WiseTime will nurture you while you work and buffer you against burnout.  It will revitalise you on what is often a lonely and unsupported road.