WiseTime is not..

WiseTime challenges accepted ways of thinking, i.e. will-power  is flagged up as an essential prerequisite of change.  However, it has been proved to be a weak mental force and a poor strategy – it wears out and down – in other words, it doesn’t work.  There are more effective approaches.

  •  WiseTime it is not about target setting and the stress induced by self-imposed deadlines.  Energy flows and change becomes simple when you are connected to your inherent wisdom: you become more at one with who you are;
  • WiseTime it is not about must, should and aught-to or other guilt-inducing verbs.  Misapplied guilt often induces a stagnation that WiseTime can undo;'09 282

It is not about keeping up appearances – you can relax, drop your masks, and learn how to be yourself with Miriam.  The personal and professional become more seamless and this releases energy;

WiseTime is not about will-power and beating yourself up and feeling a failure for the lack of it;

WiseTime is not quick fix.  However, you may find that you can resolve a particular issue quickly when you see clearly what’s going on.

The WiseTime process uncovers the approach that is just right for you, enabling and strengthening you to move forward in your life.